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Fall and winter ideal  seasons  to savour  two of the best products of Lazio and in particular of Tuscia: the cheese and the olive oil.

Aided by the winter landscape with its warm colors and the Red Tuff with which some ancient villages are built, this is the time to enjoy a profound and true experience, a return to tradition.

Once upon a time the ricotta cheese

We offer you a special experience. You will assist the processing of cheese and cottage cheese, made with the same methods that the man used more than 30000 years ago. Time passes, but some traditions are always the same, as the unchanged landscape of maremma where you are going to  live your experience

The Etruscans called the olive oil  “eleiva” and used it for cosmetic purposes, to turn on the lights and as a sauce. They  knew its precious organoleptic properties. We offer a special experience in a small territory where the olive tree cultivation dates back so many ages and where it is produced one of the best olive oil in the world.