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Discovering new landscapes and old traditions still alive

mysterious Etruscan people

The mysterious Etruscan people

A 3-day tour through Lazio and Tuscany to discover the mysterious life of great people, the Etruscans.

Quote from 362,00 € per person

saint Francesco path

St Francis way

Mountains, valleys, green meadows, woods. A 3-day tour to discover St Francis path and understand the meaning of his “Song of Creatures.”

Quote from 370,00 € per person

via Francigena

The Via Francigena in Lazio

A 4-day tour through Tuscia to join St Peter, the final stop. Spirituality and rediscovery of simple things, as Medieval pilgrims used to live.

Quote from 450,00 € per person

st benedetto way

St Benedict way

A spiritual and naturalistic way between Umbria and Lazio. A 3-day tour through Medieval villages and naturalistic sceneries of great beauty.

Quote from 380,00 € per person

Tuscia grand tour

Tuscia grand tour

From Etruscans to Renaissance Age. A 4-day tour to discover ancient culinary and artisan traditions which are still alive in one of the most beautiful provinces of Italy, Tuscia.

Quote from 460,00 € per person

the rose and the olive tree

The rose and the olive tree

From “Hortus Simplicium” to Italian Garden. A 3-day tour through Botanic and old gardens to discover the use of plants for a therapeutic or artistic purpose.

Quote from 375,00 € per person

the II world war echo

The Second World War echo

A 3-day tour dedicated to memories of the Second World War.

Quote from 390,00 € per person

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