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Paper Moon Travel Agency and Tour Operator project


One of the aims of the project, Tuscia in rete is the creation of a thematic portal, emphasizing distinctive and authentic aspects that make it unique.

Considered as the single value for the promotion of the territory. We have adopted a description of an experiential approach, trying to suggest and drove the Navigator to discover the area. But, finalizing with concrete proposals able to offer only stays that allow you to live the experiences described.

This setting, almost never used in the description of limited network territories, could not be comprehensive if it had not involved the main productive activities and land service. So we reserved within the portal a fundamental role to those who, with their offer, provide valuable content to the Portal: window-shopping.

So we reserved within the portal a significant role to those who, with their offer, provide valuable content to the Portal: window-shopping.


Technology in support of the project

The portal bases on two leading technology platforms market: a customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing your contacts and a content management system (CMS) for dynamic content management portal.

The management

The synergy between the two platforms will enable the company to manage local marketing activities towards customers. In compliance with the laws in force regarding privacy have interacted over time with the portal. The promotion of the territory then materializes and, above all, allows a customer loyalty over time.

Individual storefronts in the portal will find no possible areas where describe their activities. In addition to all offers may also generate, without any technical expertise, promotional coupons to publish.


Technological infrastructures allow us to, if appropriate, to handle developments regarding the communication of individual cases.

Also provide the ability to integrate, always for those who wish, e-commerce functionality, DEM (direct email marketing) and additions to social media. The modularity of the platform and its usability in mobile is one of the values added to the project

Why Tuscia in rete

Tuscia is a networked digital identity of Viterbo territory in line with the current style of communication 2.0. Also, would like to be the first attempt by the business combination and that no tourist, will deal with both the domestic and foreign markets.

The portal will offer the opportunity to discover and stay in areas even unknown, in sharp contrast with the large OLTA posing/impose approved products where the only differentiation is price, almost never the experiences.